Frequently Asked Questions

I've never ridden a bike before, can I come along to learn?

We run an intermediate and a beginners ride on Thursday nights. We would expect you to have ridden a bike before.

However, our affilated charity Free Wheel North offer a learn to ride service. You can find more information about their services below.

Learn to ride with Free Wheel North

I would love to come on the social rides, but I dont have my own bike! Can I hire one from you?

Yes, you can hire a bike and helmet from us for the duration of the ride.

We only ask for a £1 donation that will be given to Free Wheel North who keep the bikes maintained.

Do I need to wear a helmet? i find them uncomfortable!

Yes you must wear a helmet to ride with us. Helmets are great! Even the most experienced athletes can fall, so you're best to protect yourself any way you can!

We love our helmets! We've even decorated ours with some fancy ribbons!

Is there a minimum age limit?

You must be over 18 to join us on our rides

Can you guys fix or service my bike?

We would recommend you get a professional to fix or service your bike. We would highly recommend Free Wheel North or Dales Cycles.