Glasgow Gals Ride Rules

Ride Leaders

Glasgow Gals Cycling Club has nominated ride leaders on each club run. Ride leaders will be there to make sure that each club ride is carried out in a safe and enjoyable way. The aim is to let each rider get the most from the ride they are on. The leaders have been trained as a Ride Leader Level 1 with British Cycling and have agreed they will support the members they are riding with.

Ride Leaders can accompany a maximum of eight other riders. With less experienced riders, this number will be less and is at the discretion of the individual Ride Leader.

GGCC ask that riders should take the guidance of the ride leaders. Ride leaders volunteer their time to support club rides and the people on them. We will ensure the ride leaders are identified at the start of each run as well as each section. If you have any concerns or want someone to ride with you, please speak to one of the leaders.

Riders’ health

Cycling is a physical activity and can be strenuous. Riders should be in good health and any rider who has a doubt about their health or fitness, or who has a medical condition or injury that could be affected by exercise (particularly a heart condition), should consult their doctor before participating. No-one should participate in a ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs (complying with the Road Traffic Act 1988).


All rides are designed entirely for cycles (including electric cycles). All riders must ensure that their cycles are in a roadworthy condition, must observe the rules of the Highway Code and follow the instructions of any officials, marshals and the Police. The organiser’s decision shall be final as to whether a cycle is of an appropriate type or condition to be used on rides. Before setting off on each ride, you will be asked to actively participate in a Bike Safety (“M”) Check of the cycle you will be riding whether it is your own, borrowed or hired. If there is a problem with the hired bike you are using please report it to the ride leader in order that it can be fixed.


Helmets are compulsory for riders taking part in any of our rides.


Every member should be aware that the ride leaders communicate various messages during a club ride to the rest of the riders to make sure the safety of the run is a priority. All communication to riders should be carried out in a clear and constructive manner. Shouts and hand signals need to be repeated up or down each group. You should not assume that everyone has heard the shout within a group. Shouts for 'glass' or 'keep left' may be given to avoid hazards.

If you are new to GGCC and group cycling always 'follow the leader' and 'do what we do'. If we all communicate and look out for each other, then our goal will be achieved - we will all stay SAFE and have FUN!

Don’t leave anyone behind

Glasgow Gals rides are open to all abilities so while it is desirable to ride as a group where we can, some of our larger and longer rides may become spread out. If this happens you are asked to stop and wait for the others in the group, this helps keep everyone together should mechanicals happen, and helps to prevent anyone getting lost.

Don’t leave anyone behind. We aim to have a ride leader at the front and rear of the group, but this may not always be possible. Remember to communicate forwards if people are struggling with the pace.


Group Rides – Glasgow Gals does not provide Third Party Insurance but in the interests of safeguarding the group and its riders against liability to third parties during rides and events, it is advised that all Club Members should have Third Party Liability Insurance. This can be obtained through British Cycling or Cycling UK. Alternatively, please check your own existing policies such as household or motor to see if you are covered.

Riders are only covered by British Cycling third party public liability insurance if the rider has their own individual Race Gold, Race Silver or Ride membership of British Cycling. This insurance covers members if they are at fault for causing an incident and someone wants to pursue a claim against them. If riders do not have a valid British Cycling membership at the required level then no third party cover is provided.

Risk and liability

While the organiser of the ride will do all in their reasonable control to make the ride as safe as possible, all riders take part at their own risk.

Be prepared

We recommend that while on a ride you follow the Highway Code and be prepared for situations such as adverse weather conditions, mechanical problems and flat tyres. It’s a good idea to carry the following items: refreshments, mobile phone, bike lights, bike pump, puncture repair kit, spare tubes, multi-tool, waterproof clothing.


If you RSVP yes to an event but find that you cannot make it, please make sure that you cancel your RSVP. This will avoid unnecessary waiting around by organisers and other members. Members who persistently "no show" may be removed from the group. It is advisable to be at the departure location 15minutes before departure time, particularly if you need to hire a bike.

The organiser may cancel any rides at their discretion, particularly due to bad weather. They will endeavour to give as much notice as possible of any cancellations. The organiser accepts no liability for any costs incurred as a result of the cancellation.


The organiser, sponsors or promoters of the ride may take photographs or videos of the ride and riders for publicity purposes. By registering to participate in the ride either on your own behalf or upon behalf of any other rider including those under the age of 16 years, you agree that photographic images of you, containing you, or of those under the age of 16 years upon whose behalf you have registered, may be used by the organiser, sponsors or promoters of the ride for publicity purposes.

Photographs and video may be taken by a rider for their own personal record of a ride. All other riders should be made aware of this. Those wishing to take photos are requested to be open and honest about this. If any rider or organiser objects, then all other participants should be requested not to take any photos of the ride.

Photographs and video may also be taken by individuals not directly connected to the ride, for whatever reason, and riders should be aware that the organiser, sponsors or promoters have no control over this.


No pets are permitted to attend the rides.


Riders must not wear earphones while taking part in a ride.

Some other things to consider:

It is safer to ride two abreast on carriageways with fast moving traffic. NEVER ride more than two abreast. Hold your line in a group.

Announce your presence when overtaking with “on your right”. Always overtake on the right, never on the left.

Slow your speed on shared use paths to show consideration for their other users.

If on the road, it is never a good idea to filter to the front of traffic lights if riding in a large group. There won’t be room for everyone in the advanced stop box and some riders will be left in motorists’ blind spots at traffic lights. Wait behind the last car in the queue. An easy way to look at it is that if you are riding as a group, you basically act like a car. Go where a car goes.

The group is committed to encouraging the highest ethical standards. All individuals involved in the Club should conduct themselves with integrity, and in a fair, open and equitable manner.

All group members shall have a responsibility for the safety and well-being of themselves and shall take reasonable steps to ensure the safety and well-being of others whilst taking part in Club activities